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Kromosomer the Project #Krmm

Norwegian Folklore Investigated

Norwegian legends are often defined as one episodic stories claiming to be true. They are often based on a memorat (the original storyteller’s own encounter with the “supernatural” or the like).

.....I believe that behind many of the legends is another story that is far more cruel than the legend decorates on. Legends process and explain the inexplicable. The story makes the effort to normalize the alienated, what stands out and is offensive. It simplifies reality and conserves normative explanatory models within a given society.Using folklore as an example one can see how society will arrange for some stories to occur and be current. So on one hand, the project through development and implementation of a storytelling performance will look at how stories are created and co-created and retold. The second part of the project is to see how artistic social actions can make use of various media as an active component. Overall, this experience will be foundation for teaching.

The title “Kromosomer” refers to how the characters in the stories (Norwegian folklore) may occur because people look “different” from what was assumed as normal. They represents “the other” which we define ourselves away from. Despite that several of them have great similarities with ourselves, we can not accept “them” as a part of us. Nevertheless, a relationship to what is not ourselves, yet similar to us is completely inevitable: without “the other” no “I” without the strangers, not the familiar.

Taken from:  http://mimesismonday.com/?p=2291

With Image or Story

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Who is OI Magazine ?

OI Magazine is also known as " On Innovation Magazine ".
OI Magazine was founded in April 2009 by Krissy Sinclair and Carmichael Caudron.
Carmichael has since been its sole owner since 2010.


i'm afraid to care
trying to wash him out of my hair
scared i lost the love we share
come back to me if you dare
it doesn't seem fair
in front of you my soul i bare
i thought we we're a really good pair
from my heart you tear
the love for you i'll always wear
it's gonna be a really long year

Welcome to Deadwood City in 1878

“The real Deadwood was a place of the highest hopes and dreams, of fear and hate, of greed and sacrifice, of love and redemption. Deadwood was the most incredible Gold Rush town ever because of the speed with which it developed and the craziest cast of characters who ever assembled in one place.”
“And that’s in real life. Imagine what we can do in Second Life.”
- Karl Shergood, owner of Deadwood in Second Life
These pages are dedicated for the Deadwood City Role-play community in Second Life.  When you enter the role-play area, you will find yourself in an immersive role-play sim set in the real life wild west gold mining town of Deadwood, Dakota Territory of the 1870s.
Every sim in Second Life is a little different. None are right or wrong for every single person. Roleplay sims are different, just like people are different. Here’s how Deadwood is different: We are immersive in the roleplay area. We dress like they really dressed in 1878. We talk like they really talked, or we try to. We don’t share OOC (out of character) conversation in open chat. We play realistic characters.
When your avatar is on the ground in Deadwood, your avatar is living 1878. Period. Your avatar is living in 1878.

Deadwood is a place for roleplayers who want to really experience another time and place.


"All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age."

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it's so quiet when i'm all alone
i wish i could call you nobodys home
but i can't so i wrote you this poem
i wanna roam but there's no where i can go
how i miss you so
will my bedroom be my tomb
i know you miss me too
when i get rich please don't sue
i'm no good at pitching woo
he starts screaming just cause he heard a pigeon coo
i have nothing to do
i still love him like a fool
he looks like ghoul
but he gave me some jewels


This is bad
i'm getting hope
i'm forgetting my life's a joke
brought to you by coke
pretending i can write folk
if only to be a fad
just for awhile to pretend i'm not bad
these small successes make me glad
it's like nothing i ever had
the world around me often makes me so mad
i just wanna kick it in the nads
now i feel sad
cause i've only gained just a tad
but i'll just fail like said by my dad


You say you might leave
would i even miss you being this mean
i just want something to keep
when everybody just leaves
i always try to be so sweet
but i'm not pretty and neat
i have to lie through my teeth
to keep my real feelings unseen
my kindness is beat
to crueltys victorious defeat
nothing seems real
just trying to keep this terrible deal
something i have to steal
will the wounds even heal
i just fake it and make your favorite meal
never having time to seal
trying to get high not to feel
that my loneliness's real