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Make A Wish

Canada/High Spirits Trillium Muci Park

The Spirit of Canada Website:

Canadian Red Cross | Croix-Rouge canadienne
National Office
170 Metcalfe Street | Ottawa | ON | |
T (613) 740-3626| | F (613) 740-1911 |

Bank Account:

A. Moneys raised 100% of this goes to the Charities each month.
B. It is first transfer into a real life bank account for the Charities in Ottawa, Canada which is then converted into Canadian Dollars.
C. Bank draft cut by the bank TD Canada Trust to each of the Charities.

Advertise Your Services Here: LM�� or you may want to advertise at our club ��

*Welcome to The Spirit of Canada and High Spirits Live Music Venue. We would like to invite you to visit our sim and browse our shops and visit our Memorial Garden. Website:

*The Spirit of Canada is a RL Not for Profit organization working in SL to raise funds for various charities including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Heart & Stroke Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

*We host live music events every Throughout the week during the day and the evening as well as special music events.

*Our designers donate a portion of their sales to the charity of the month. We have a group you can join to find out about events or if your group space is full we have a subscribomatic to keep you up to date on events and sales!

*For the winter season we have an ice skating rink open with free ice skates available and hot chocolate as well. There is also a kissing booth (candycane arch) where you can kiss your sweetie for a donation to the charity.

*We hope you will come and explore our sim. Our list of designers is below and you can check out our website for event listings and other information at

*SpiritBank Danick ~ Split Scrip: ��

*Shops & Designrs Names on our SIM!

1. Morea Style
Creations by: morea Decosta

2. Styles of edo
Creations by: edo Tone

3. Bliss Couture
Creations by: Amutey DeCuir

4. EMO-Tion
Creations by: Mirja Mills

5. MD Shapes, Skin, Beauty
Creations by: Ivy Maverick

6. Sunshine Designs
Creations by: Shawna LittleBoots

7. MEB
Creations by: MarieElena Barb

8. VanityHair
Creations by: Tabata Jewell

9. Virtual Impressions
(Accessories with Style)
Creations by: Chrissy Ambrose

10. -AZUL-
Creations by: Mami Jewell

11. Prism
Creations by: Journey McLagle

12. EROS Fashions
Creations by: Keth Mommsen

13. Laneybug's Creations
Creations by: Laneybug Macba

14. The Formund Business Center
Creations by: Margaret Fromun

15. B! Fashion
Creations by: Barbarella Cioc

16.Unique Consulting & Services Group
Creations by: Neffatiti Tigerpa


18. alafolie
Creations by: pixivor Allen


20. Sartoria
Creations by: Traveller Bade

21. Felicious
Creations by: Fe Dubrovna

22. SF Designs
Creations by: swaffette Firefly

23. Paparazzi Photo Studio **The Celebrity is You**
Creations by: RahbnQuan Lyric

24. Two Sister Treasure
Creations by: GeorgiaStar Chau/Arabella Bellios

25. Shade Designs
Creations by: Kiyla Dreamscape


27. T&A BodyWorx
Creations by: Than Vayandar

28. Darkke Designs
Creations by: Mandrakke Dagg

29. Lillou's Designs
Creations by: Lillou Merlin

30. Static
Creations by: Branwen Firanelli-Schmooz (branwen. Firanelli)

31. My Look Studio Photography & Art
Creations by: Cabnoc Mistwalk

32. Pout
Creations by: Babi Cham

33. Lady Thera
Creations by: Thera Taurog
High Spirits Modeling Agency:

Spirit of Canada Memorial Garden:
High Spirits Trillium Music Park Venue! Live music throughout the week; please keep in touch by subscribing to our group and please don’t forget to vote for our sim, Linden voting next to the Google Calendar on the dance floor, green box next to the subscribe – O – Medic!

The Spirit of Canada Main Offiec:

*Google Calendar:
*The Spirit of Canada Website: Http://