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She belongs to The Wastelands
..and draws collaborative art.
She is Interested in contributing your blog.

Her art.   
Her name           N E O N Mammerer
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a neon devil breath said...

Conversations with Giannis Piaggio, By Neon Hammerer

Today I met an amazing man who loves The Wastelands as much as I do. I have had land in various parts of this 13 sim, residential, post apocalypric sim group over the years.
From December 2007 I was running the roads looking for salvage. Giannis Piaggio was one of the early Wastelanders who remembers the those first months of The Wastelands. When I first came th the Junkyard there was a broken old cart with a box that said
" buy the hud L$100." I bought the hud and found mysterious parcels fall from the sky. This unique area of sand and swamps and strange people running past or hiding in a burned-out building. Some ofthe most picturesque places are Cormac and The Great Fissure.
The wastelands forum will keep you informed as to what is going on, so far in the forums there are over 800 users.
I fell in love with the wastelands the second I looked around. Coming out of that dirty bunker I was covered in dust and dirt.
The wastelands community is a very tight-knit group of survivors of the big boom. Over the years the buildings and even the landscape changed but the post apocalyptic premise reminded me of childhood dreams.
((One dream was on a hillside and the nuclear blast hit my mother and I.))
The Wastelands hud is unique in SL and the salvager's game has become a micro-economy, making items from salvage, and selling them. The salvager is linked to the mysterious ways of the hud, and combat in the Fight Night games.

We often play old B movies at the Burnt Oak Theater, so please come to the wastelands, it is a very great place with some of the most incredible builders.

Neon Hammerer