Kromosomer the Project #Krmm

Norwegian Folklore Investigated

Norwegian legends are often defined as one episodic stories claiming to be true. They are often based on a memorat (the original storyteller’s own encounter with the “supernatural” or the like).

.....I believe that behind many of the legends is another story that is far more cruel than the legend decorates on. Legends process and explain the inexplicable. The story makes the effort to normalize the alienated, what stands out and is offensive. It simplifies reality and conserves normative explanatory models within a given society.Using folklore as an example one can see how society will arrange for some stories to occur and be current. So on one hand, the project through development and implementation of a storytelling performance will look at how stories are created and co-created and retold. The second part of the project is to see how artistic social actions can make use of various media as an active component. Overall, this experience will be foundation for teaching.

The title “Kromosomer” refers to how the characters in the stories (Norwegian folklore) may occur because people look “different” from what was assumed as normal. They represents “the other” which we define ourselves away from. Despite that several of them have great similarities with ourselves, we can not accept “them” as a part of us. Nevertheless, a relationship to what is not ourselves, yet similar to us is completely inevitable: without “the other” no “I” without the strangers, not the familiar.

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