You say you might leave
would i even miss you being this mean
i just want something to keep
when everybody just leaves
i always try to be so sweet
but i'm not pretty and neat
i have to lie through my teeth
to keep my real feelings unseen
my kindness is beat
to crueltys victorious defeat
nothing seems real
just trying to keep this terrible deal
something i have to steal
will the wounds even heal
i just fake it and make your favorite meal
never having time to seal
trying to get high not to feel
that my loneliness's real


Tom would beat up your boyfriend for you
tom would conquer the world just for you
tom would buy you game so you won't get bored
tom would never call you a whore
tom would spend all his money on cable for you
tom would always love you
tom will always have a hug for you

tom hands me a present everytime i answer the door
tom always has time to hold you some more
tom always wants to see you some more
tom will always be here with you
tom would give up his blood just for you
tom would put all of his love into you
tom would use up all his food stamps on you
tom holds your hand on the way to the store

tom buys pretty rings just for you
tom would do anything for you
tom will ask you if you want anymore
tom tryed to make a meal for you
if he had to he'd probably steal for you
toms gonna get you some flowers some more
tom faced blizzards for you
tom would protect you during the storms
tom would eat burnt meals for you
tom would hunt lions for you
tom would never be stupid on you
he never lets anyone be rude to you
tom fell instantly in love with you
tom would live in hell to be with you

tom would sell everything for you
tom tells everything to you
tom always plays everything with you
toms always romantic with you
tom buys food for neko for you
tom always sits next to you when your riding the bus
tom is really the only one i trust
toms the only one who ever loved me this much
tom likes to surprise you
the only time i find worth while is when i'm with him

tom would commit every sin for you
tom always listens to you
tom always will miss you
tom loves to kiss you
tom still likes your hair when its a little a mess
tom is the absolute very best
tom will never let you have less
tom has a home with you
toms hair is a beautiful red
every night toms always in bed with you

tom only accepts the very best for you
tom loves you for who you really are
if tom could hed buy you a car
tom never cared how fat and ugly you were
someday i'm gonna be his wife
and i could never ask for more from my life
every moment with him i treasure
and i hope its always like this forever

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