Get My Way

The most sincere thing I'll ever say.
That is it doesn't matter if I stay.
It always has to be your way.
I think I'm just getting in the way.
if you really want it to be this way.
There's nothing I ever want to have to say.
In my eyes the obvious pain.
Of this life of mine that is constantly just insane.
If you want I'll go away.
Never again in your bed I'll lay.
Cause I just live in constant pain.
Don't want to wake up again to another day.
I sit back and mind my fate.
A destiny of nothing great.
Apologizing for all my hate.
But knowing my feelings will stay the same.
My love could be something great.
But my life is getting late.
For 3 days I was an inmate.
For 3 days I understood how much my life I hate.
The picture I paint.
Whether a bitch or a saint.
It doesn't matter cause I'll just always be that way.

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