it's so quiet when i'm all alone
i wish i could call you nobodys home
but i can't so i wrote you this poem
i wanna roam but there's no where i can go
how i miss you so
will my bedroom be my tomb
i know you miss me too
when i get rich please don't sue
i'm no good at pitching woo
he starts screaming just cause he heard a pigeon coo
i have nothing to do
i still love him like a fool
he looks like ghoul
but he gave me some jewels


This is bad
i'm getting hope
i'm forgetting my life's a joke
brought to you by coke
pretending i can write folk
if only to be a fad
just for awhile to pretend i'm not bad
these small successes make me glad
it's like nothing i ever had
the world around me often makes me so mad
i just wanna kick it in the nads
now i feel sad
cause i've only gained just a tad
but i'll just fail like said by my dad