first day of 2912

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Well i woke up 
to a set wrong bell 

from the alarm clock i meant to unplug. 

Then my neighbors began to yell.

Turned on my computer that's
 so crappy i wish i had
 a dell. 

Then the cat jumped on something
 and it fell. 

Outside my window there's a wintery hell. 
and all these feelings

 i had no one to tell.

Scorpion Dreaming

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Swept up on the winds of the North
He tastes the poison

Gametwist GK 728x90

Second Life Avatars on Holographic Stage (live/interactive)

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Concept development and integration by Patty Rangel (GSP11, Singularity U / NASA Ames).

Proof of concept achieved on 11/05/10 at 12:15pm PST in San Diego, California using the AVC Holographic Stage.

Description of project:
For "Edu-tainment". Goal was to create a portal inside the Second Life virtual world for Avatars to teleport into the real world. In this video they appear as full-size, live interactive holograms.

Congratulations to Avatars: Bella Luna Xigalia, Schmonson Daglish, Fabilene Cortes, Taralyn Gravois for being the first in history to make the leap between dimensions!

Virtual World Producer: Dennis Batt

Special thanks to Curt Apanovich and Gabe Blakeney from AVC, musician Edwin Masters, the Crossworlds Gallery (Nerd Bert) for hosting the portal in Second Life.

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i don't know when i'll sleep.
I'm starting to think i should.
I share my bed so i'm afraid to weep.
I have no way to ease the pain of this defeat.
I feel there is nothing i can do today.
So if for a few i could get away.
For tomorrow will bring me further shame.
I'll be stripped of all my honor and waste away.
I want desperately to end the day.
But i worry how many hours i'll just lay.
If i'll manage to sleep before i'm met by the morning rays.
I can never think of anything to say.
try as i may.
I don't really see a way.


My very name speaks of grace.
To hold myself to the standards of a saint. To take pride in my works and never do them with haste. To only take what i need and never let it waste. With my every embrace to leave a sweet delicious taste. To make note of my dreams and solve the puzzle of the vase. To be beautiful on the inside and not be shamed by the size of my waist. When i cook spend hours on the base. To suffer the judgement and try to plead my case. To uphold my name even when high in a daze. To love the stars numerous as the freckles on my face. For my beauty to glow through my eyes but only shortly gaze. To work really hard when all i want is laze. To always find the way out when hopelessly lost in this maze. To live my life at no one else's pace. To understand that it is not a race. To fight against all they say. To stand tall when i barely see a ray. To resolve all conflicts before the need of taze.  with no guilt for all my ways.  To take humble any yays. To sleep happily by the bay. And to always wake anew for brand new day. To seek to acceptence of the divinely fae. To hear the earth tell me hey. Every night next to him i lay. and forever if I may. To change the world with little pay. Once I open the door it'll never be the same. Not to weep as I become insane. I get enjoyment from the rain. I'm a beast you could never tame. Try my hardist but it's all in vain. Because all I have is all I gained. For all the jerks that i've mained.  For every hurt I ever pained.
My soul survived without a stain.
There's still so much to be attained. Cause I'm yet to let out all I contain. I don't see life as mundane.