Second Web

As society and culture evolves alongside the dynamic progression of technology. The wonder of humanity's future inspires our imagination and curiosity."

In 2007, Alexi Ayres while studying electronic music and exploring virtual metaverses, had envisioned art projects that would connect our ancestral heritage with our rapid evolution of science. This concept of bridging digital arts, virtual metaverses, and the real world has the potential to unlock creative freedoms beyond our imaginations.

Singularity Tribe began with a single mission of creating positive vibes through music, art, performances. Our gatherings function like lighthouses to welcome anyone in search of positivity. As we continue in our journey, we keep our core values close to our hearts for guidance and strength.

Second Ads is a virtual advertising agency that runs affiliate advertising network - grid wide. Dedicated to grow and evolve ad networks for virtual worlds with belief that advertising is as important and crucial for existence of virtual businesses as for any other real life business on world wide web. the best community for the entertainment lovers of sL!
Secondnights is a world where people who love music, art and having fun can find information about events, new opening, fashion shows and art gallery exibhit.
the website is made up of different parts and you will find on it lots of goodies.

the largest and longest running community site dedicated to the virtual world of Second Life. Inside you will findSnapzilla (a Second Life-only photo sharing site featuring 400,000 images from the past five years in SL), as well as the very active SLU Forums, chat, shopping and much more.

ProfileSLive, the largest dedicated online community for Second Life players! At ProfileSLive, you'll meet the people behind the avatars - you'll get to know their first life and everything about their second life!

Free LSL scripts and Second Life tools to use 

Login 2 Life portrays people who have found an alternate home in an online world. This is the starting point of a journey into fascinating virtual realities, meeting diverse human beings in different parts of the world who have one thing in common – they are savvy in using virtual worlds as an extension of their real lives.