I'll fake this smile I will live this lie you'll never know exactly when my faith in humanity died. I will pretend to try. Say I don't mind. Just keep buying what I'm told by this swine. Then apologize for a mistake that wasn't mine. Lets waste more time. With someone that doesn't know the color of my eyes. That treats me like I'm five. Doesn't care when I cry. Has no respect for anything that's mine. At least you have a place to hide. Can just go along with the ride. Let it slide. But that destiny isn't mine.

But that destiny isn't mine.

The Moreland Grove


We offer beautiful homes in the sky that have lots of the features you'd expect to find in a full sim.  These features are all packaged in the Moreland Grove viewer were you can:
  • Use up to 10,000 slim prims
  • Place your objects anywhere in a virtual space of 512m x 512m x 512m (Sample scene)
  • Resize your prims up to 256m x 256m x 256m
  • Create entire scenes from scratch
  • Live in one of the existing homes
  • Sublet your creations
  • Use existing scenes (or your own) for templates
  • Make up to 10 scenes (with up to 10,000 slim prims in each one!)
  • Set the water height for your scene
  • Set the kind of sky or water you like best.
  • Use the free radio that comes with over 40,000 radio stations
  • Define who can or cannot visit your unit
Price: L$300 per week.

Its all about the Slim Prim.

The Slim Prim is basically a zero prim with a few major differences. The first major difference is that it's absurdly easy to create a Slim Prim. There's a new check box in the tool box (that popup window you see when you enter edit mode.) labeled "Slim Prim". Just check the "Slim Prim" box & the selected prim becomes a Slim Prim. That's all you have to do to turn a regular old SL Prim into a "Slim Prim". A Slim Prim, however, is not a zero prim, not a temp prim and not an SL prim. It's called a Slim Prim because it can't contain anything. No scripts, no other prims - nothing. These prims are purely scenic prims. But in every other way they work exaclty like regular SL Prims.
So why use Slim Prims? Let me count the ways!

  • Slim Prims are visible only to you & your guests. The benefit to you and your Moreland Grove neighbors is that nobody has to download and display irrelevant content. Besides being an esthetic plus it gives everyone in Moreland Grove a huge reduction in lag!
  • Because Slim Prims are for scenic purposes only they don't pass any data back & forth from the server. This frees up your bandwidth for other streaming services - like streaming music or video. If you share a network in your home or at work this is also a plus for those on your local network.
  • Up to 10,000 Slim Prims! Because Slim Prims are stored on the Moreland Grove Server rather than the SL asset servers they are not counted against your prim count. 
  • Fastest possbile download times!!! Yes - because we don't "throttle" your bandwidth you get to use the full potential of your internet connection. That is, If you have a 1 Gigabit per second connection to the internet then that is your download speed. Note that current SL viewers limit your bandwith to DSL speeds - about 1.5 megabits per second. At home, I have a 20 megabit per second connnection and I use all of it - about 13 times faster than the fastest SL connection. Note that this is limited to the prims themselves - textures & sculpt maps are excluded.
  • Griefers can't use Slim Prims for griefing.
  • You can create mega Slim Prims. Slim Prims may be resized up to 256x256x256 m. Go for it! Remember your neighbors aren't going to care - they won't see your Slim Prims. And Slim Prims are not physical objects - they don't create any kind of demand on the SL physics engines either locally or remotely. Note that because you can do this, Slim Prims may not be taken back into your inventory. SL does not allow the creation of mega prims. This is also a plus. That is - because Slim Prims may not be taken they also can't be stolen. The other great benefit is that we can give you entire scenes to play with however you'd like - delete, move, shape -etc. And the Slim Prims in our scenes - often created by indepentant and very protective artists - are still protected from theft.
  • Slim Prims only work in Moreland Grove and although your unit size is 64m x 64m x 64m your fulll scene size is 512m x 512m x 512m - the size of 4 sims joined at one corner!
Working with Slim Prims

Overview -

This is how you use Slim Prims..
  • Create a scene using on the of the templates.  There's a blank one for creating one from scratch.
  • Create regular old SL prims - or drag out a copy of an existing slim prim. (To drag a copy - hold the shift key while dragging on the selection arrows. There will be a new copy of that prim left behind. )
  • Select the prims you want to become Slim Prims & check the Slim Prim check box.
And these are the details...

  • Creating a scene - go to your control panel or MG HUD, click on it ( or type /9 cp ). A dialog box will pop up. Click on button 1. A second dialog box will pop up.
  • On the second dialog box click on "go to page". This will take you to your home control preferences page.
  • At the top of the page you'll see some folder tabs. Click on the one that says "Create Scene" to choose the kind of scene you want.
  • From the pull down menu you can choose a template scene as a starting point for the scene you'd like to customize or "The Blank" to start from scratch. After you choose a scene you'll see a sample picture of the template.
  • When you have the scene you'd like to build with press the green arrow button.
  • Give your scene a name by typing it in the "Scene Name" field. And you'll want to give it a nice description too in the "Scene Description" box. When you're finished just press the create button. (You can edit the name and description later if you want to.)
After you press the "create button" You'll then see your current scene vanish and your template scene appear. Do whatever you want with your new scene. The template scenes are intentionally not complete so go ahead - delete, move, re-texture or add Slim Prims however you'd like. And don't worry about mistakes! If you need to start over...just go back to your home preference panel & create a whole new scene. And you can even use one of your own scenes for a template. Yep! you can use this to make a backup of your scene. If you want to switch between your scenes go to your home control panel and select the "Scenes" tab. Just click on the drop down menu and you'll see your scenes at the top of the menu - a separator line - and below that the standard Moreland Grove scenes. Choose the scene you want to visit and press the green go arrow - the current scene will vanish & your new scene will appear.BTW ...if you want to sell a scene to Moreland Grove - go to your control panel - choose a scene you'd like to offer for sale - press the edit button - on the edit page - & set your sale price and click on "submit changes". Note that this is not a guaranteed sale. Your scene will be reviewed and a decision to buy or not will be made. If we do choose to buy your creation you will receive your asking price and your scene will become a template that other's may use and may also be customized to some degree and become one of our standard scenes. Currently we can only accept scenes made only from Slim Prims. So be sure to check that your scene is complete without SL prims before offering it for sale. When you're ready IM me & I'll check it out.
Important Notes

Because you can work in a huge space and your movement is limited to your unit there are a few special settings you'll need.
  • Disable camera constraints. To do this press "Ctrl-Alt-d". At the top of your window you'll see a new menu titled "Advanced". Click on it & then select "Disable Camera Constraints". You'll then be able to move your camera up to 256m from your standing position. But to move your camera that far you'll also need to set your draw distance to at least 256m .
  • Uncheck Limit Select distance in the advanced menu. You'll need this to be able to edit objects further away from you than the current SL default.
  • In the Advanced menu - select debug settings and they type "MaxSelectDistance". Then in the value box type 256 and close the box.
  • And optionally - in the Advanced meu select debug settings & type in "MaxDragDistance" & then enter 256 and close the box.
Other notes

  • Undo doesn't work for Slim Prims.
  • Slim Prims can vanish if you don't drag the size out along the dotted white lines. .
If you run into any other problems let me know.