Village of Nyght - Old Time Radio, Horror Haunted House

A dark and eerie village where you can hang out and listen to a terrific old time radio show.

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Alice In Wonderland said...


Welcome to the Village of Nyght. We are one of the October Undead campfires where we specialize in playing the best of old time radio mysteries, science fiction, fantasy and horror. So make sure your music is turned on to hear the audio stream! Also, click the October Undead sign near the campfire to get a list of all the OU campfires and to join the October Undead group!

This parcel is best viewed by having your time of day set to Midnight. You can go to Environment Settings under World and manually set your time to Midnight. In brighter light, it is a lot less spooky and some of the effects are washed out.

All parts of the Village are open for exploration, including the houses and harbor. Many objects are scripted to chat messages on touch, some more than once. Objects with a slight glow are more likely to be scripted. Other chat messages and sounds are triggered in other ways so pay attention to your chat at all times. In addition to the visible, there are a number of underground and hidden areas if you can find your way there.

You can read a history of the Village here􀀁

Use the map given to you to find your way around.

Landmark to return here: 􀀀

Our Flickr group:

October Undead website:

Part of Miskatonic Valley:

Avatars United
October Undead:

Also, hidden in the Village are amulets with the Elder Sign (Derleth version) on them. 􀀂 Click on the coin and get a small prize. Some are easy to spot, others are hidden around and inside objects. So look up, look down, look around, look under, click on objects and so on. All are in the Village proper, there ae none up in the Crypt. There are 50 amulets in all.

There are also 10 yellow amulets with the faint engraving of the dreaded Yellow Sign. 􀀃 These are items given to me by folks especially for the Village hunt. As special recognition for their generosity I've put the items into these coins. Like the Elder amulets, they are small prizes but I hope you like them. If you want to be part of this hunt then let Damia know.

The prizes and amulet locations are subject to change as I get new stuff or feel like mixing things up. Right now they are only in the 4 main houses, the graveyard and the harbor. Nothing is outside those areas, like the Slaughtered Lamb or up in the forest.

Click the gold coin in the courtyard for other hunts going on...
Thanks to all: 􀀄

Thank you
Damia Savon, Anara Serevi, Nyght Aster
Village Management