Nirans Viewer

Build 8 Beta 4B
Viewer Status
Build 8 todo List:

Local Bitmaps 2.0
Local Bitmap Browser ✔
Chat Range ring ✔
Pie Menus ✔
Chat panel instead of floater (or switchable)
Autohide Chat ✔
Hide Lookat
Streaming Music Info ✔
Neck & AV Center Attachments ✔
Microsoft translation service ✔
Redo Graphics Panel ✔
Qarls Aligning tool ✔
Always on permissions ✔
Simple maths in Build floater ✔
Depth of Field underwater + Option ✔
Derender ✔
Proxy 5 Options ✔
Right click get UUID entry ✔
hidable Progressscreen
Skin Selection ✔
Redo toppanel to allow hiding favbar ✔
Merge SH-1427 causing light differences ✔
Allow floaters to move completly up to the topbar ✔
add Distance info to Nearby ✔
Reset FUI buttons Option ✔
Bring back the Sidebar!!! without breaking the FUI!
Implement new Snapshot System ✔
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