Your OpenSim or Aurora-Sim server…in seconds ! Let’s build your dreams…

What most concerns us are your willings for your own virtual world: it has to be immediate, reliable, secure, high-quality, accessible and above all … unique.
We have created a series of “bundles” called “SuperNova” where all is working out of the box ! All pre-installed, all pre-configured, but you can still directly access to your SuperNova server, customize and share your own virtual world as you can do with a normal web page.
In seconds you can install your own virtual world based on OpenSim, or Aurora-Sim, managing it directly from your desktop, but still running on your SuperNova server we provide and without using your home connection or your desktop/laptop resources. Be ready to travel in all other virtual worlds with latest HyperGrid or IWC (Inter World Connector) technologies, starting from your own SuperNova grid !
Activating SuperNova on your grid, you are immediately accessible from many virtual worlds that use the same  HyperGrid or IWC technology, but in a totally safe way: your stuff, your assets, your inventory and everything that belongs to your grid and to your avatar, are safe on your own SuperNova server.
So … even if OSGrid, Nova, Reaction grid,  SpotOn3D or other grids  are offline … you’re still safe and free to invite your friends to your personal  SuperNova world.
Enjoy …
Frequently Asked Questions :
Q: Can i access OSGrid or Nova from my SuperNova region ?
A: Yes
Q: Can i use my OSGrid or Nova avatar in my SuperNova region ?
A: Yes
Q: Can i load/save my region or my inventory oar/iar files in my SuperNova region ?
A: Yes
Q: If OSGrid or Nova are down, can i still use my SuperNova region/avatar ?
A: Yes
Q: Can i manage directly my Aurora/Opensim console ?
A. Yes, you have direct access to your SuperNova server.
Q: Everyone can visit my SuperNova region from other virtual worlds ?
A: Yes (if they have HyperGrid or IWC enabled like OSGrid and Nova)

Aurora Sim Server

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