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Misprint Thursday wins 2011 UWA 3D Open Art Challenge!

Misprint Thursday's multimedia work Digital Glove won the day! Photo by PJ Trenton.
I am not the best builder, the best with textures, the best video editor, certainly not the best singer; but I am inspired by the medium. It is a fantastic opportunity to extend one’s creativity and connect with a world of forward thinking people.
-Misprint Thursday, on winning the UWA
Misprint Thursday’s complex and thoughtful work Digital Glove has taken the top award at the 2011 Grand Finale of the UWA 3D Open Art Challenge, a prize worth $100,000L! Not only that, she took 5th place as well with her work Paranormal Frottage, tying with Glyph Graves’ Excerpts from Reality, bringing Misprint’s prize pool to an impressive $107,500!

Paranormal Frottage by Misprint Thursday. Photo by PJ Trenton.
Misprint was of course thrilled at her win, but also humbly added, “Basically I want to say that the medium is so underused as a whole to it’s full capacity, and I can’t wait for someone way better than me to blow it all out of the water, actually.”
You can learn more about Misprint and her work when I interview her live, this Friday at the Christmas Expo, 3SLT! She is always great fun to chat with!

Second Place went to In Dreams by Blue Tsuki. Photo by PJ Trenton.
The rest of the top ten represented some of the very best of virtual art. The second prize of $75,000L went to Blue Tsuki for his work In Dreams, while third ($40,000L) went to Oberon Onmura for The Chasm. The stunning Strange Plant… Ugliness & Beauty by Claudia222 Jewell took fourth place ($30,000L).

Strange Planet...Uglyness and Beauty by claudia222 Jewell. Photo by PJ Trenton.
There was also a specific category for unscripted entries, and Gingered Alsop’s Shattered took the top prize here (it was as well the only unscripted entry in the overall top ten).

Shattered by Gingered Alsop. Photo by PJ Trenton.
The Machinima winners were also announced, and the top prize was taken by Tutsy Navarantha for Welcome to the Other Side.

As well, Curator FreeWee Ling shared the following video in which she highlighted some of the artists whose work profoundly affected her this year, and she also includes an important announcement about the future of the UWA challenges:


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