(CNN) Dec 17 OCCUPY EARTH 24hr Music Fest in Second Life

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Finally, we OCCUPY EARTH! From our perch at SL’s International Space Station, we see beyond horizons (Picture 1 and 4). We wake up from the American Dream, never to fall asleep again. An untamed optimism beats in our hearts. Indeed, wildly optimistic souls envisioned a perfect day, 24 hours of peace, love, truth, and joy.

And so it came to be… The Occupy Earth Music Festival… available to all people of all nations in all time zones from anywhere on Earth on December 17, 2011. Free.

Online Schedule for Occupy Earth Music Festival http://tiny.cc/x6t46 All times are US Pacific (SL Time).

Click this SL URL on December 17, 2011 to visit Occupy Earth Music Festival at Ground Zero in Second Life: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Atlantizz/23/225/21

In the organizers’ own words, from Occupy Earth Music Festival:

Occupy Earth Music Festival: a 24-hour musical benefit supporting 1st Life Occupiers

Join us for Occupy SL's Occupy Earth Music Festival, a 24 hour benefit for the on-the-ground Occupiers in real life. To be held for the 24hrs of Saturday, Dec.17, from midnight to midnight. Featuring DJ's: Baxter Aubin, Solange Simondsen, Eifachfilm Vacirca, NTropy Sellers, ZenBeatz, Allison Widdershins, Kookie Hax, Lolotehe Menoptra, and many more! Live musicians: POL Arida, Luvvie Starsider, Thunderfoot Lorefield, Virtual Live Band, Strum Diesel. And an hour of arousing, revolutionary poetry.

December 17th (2011) is the three month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. We will be passing donations on to OccupySupply, a project of Firedoglake.com. OccupySupply works directly with Occupy demonstrators and organizers to meet their needs for warm clothes, camping gear, and winter supplies while they hold the ground... until the corporations start paying what they owe!

Occupy SL is the largest Occupy Wall Street solidarity group in SL. We have been organizing and educating around the issues that the 1st life Occupy movement is in the streets about. Occupy SL is democratically organized, non-violent, and here in SL to educate and promote for change in the economic injustices of our time.

Join Occupy SL group:
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SL URL to our in-world location at SLLU:
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