Second Life Avatars on Holographic Stage (live/interactive)

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Concept development and integration by Patty Rangel (GSP11, Singularity U / NASA Ames).

Proof of concept achieved on 11/05/10 at 12:15pm PST in San Diego, California using the AVC Holographic Stage.

Description of project:
For "Edu-tainment". Goal was to create a portal inside the Second Life virtual world for Avatars to teleport into the real world. In this video they appear as full-size, live interactive holograms.

Congratulations to Avatars: Bella Luna Xigalia, Schmonson Daglish, Fabilene Cortes, Taralyn Gravois for being the first in history to make the leap between dimensions!

Virtual World Producer: Dennis Batt

Special thanks to Curt Apanovich and Gabe Blakeney from AVC, musician Edwin Masters, the Crossworlds Gallery (Nerd Bert) for hosting the portal in Second Life.

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