Welcome to Deadwood City in 1878

“The real Deadwood was a place of the highest hopes and dreams, of fear and hate, of greed and sacrifice, of love and redemption. Deadwood was the most incredible Gold Rush town ever because of the speed with which it developed and the craziest cast of characters who ever assembled in one place.”
“And that’s in real life. Imagine what we can do in Second Life.”
- Karl Shergood, owner of Deadwood in Second Life
These pages are dedicated for the Deadwood City Role-play community in Second Life.  When you enter the role-play area, you will find yourself in an immersive role-play sim set in the real life wild west gold mining town of Deadwood, Dakota Territory of the 1870s.
Every sim in Second Life is a little different. None are right or wrong for every single person. Roleplay sims are different, just like people are different. Here’s how Deadwood is different: We are immersive in the roleplay area. We dress like they really dressed in 1878. We talk like they really talked, or we try to. We don’t share OOC (out of character) conversation in open chat. We play realistic characters.
When your avatar is on the ground in Deadwood, your avatar is living 1878. Period. Your avatar is living in 1878.

Deadwood is a place for roleplayers who want to really experience another time and place.

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