Feed A Smile - Poetic Drum Circle

Humane Education Weekly Drum Circle 9am SLT Every Sunday - See FREEBIES BELOW! Learn about Humane Education - watch this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5HEV96dIuY Instructor/Facilitator: Carl Solutionary (carlicann Resident) SL Category: Education, Live Music Long Description: This merry-making event serves as a weekly support group for educators and concerned citizens interested in social justice and environmental sustainability. This Class Uses: SL Text Chat, SL Sounds, SL Voice (Optional for Poetry) Cost: Free Pre-Registration: Not Required Location: Varies Weekly - Visit for LM: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etopia%20Island/155/63/23 Invited: events@urockcliffe.com FREEBIES Please visit the Humane Education FREE Shoppe on Etopia Island for free resources: 1000's of Free Lesson Plans for K-12 and beyond! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etopia%20Island/155/63/23 􀀆 FREE African Traditional Outfits - 9 Mens' and 3 Womens' at Peace and LOL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chrysanthemum%20Island/22/195/22 􀀃 FREE DRUMSTICKS 􀀄􀀂 FREE TAMBORINES 􀀇􀀅 Some Drum Circle Poetry! http://drumcirclemagazine.com/poetry is very popular! Our Poetic Drum Circles for Educators... are sponsored by: Rockcliffe University's Calendar http://www.urockcliffe.com/events/calendar-of-events/ Etopia = Environmental Education and Sustainability Community in SL http://etopiaisland.org/etopia.html Africa Live https://my.secondlife.com/groups/1212edd6-173c-6151-e3d9-717f247eb159 (pls join this group!) Feed A Smile - SL's Finest Educational Charity! http://feed-a-smile.blogspot.com/ And soon, Virtual Abilities joins our happy community of Poetic Drum Circles for Educators! Welcome aboard Virtual Abilities! Support their Cause! At: http://www.virtualability.org/

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