Check out our new sister site, RezIDentity. It is a social networking site for mature and adult users of Second Life. We're still putting on the finishing touches and adding more features, but we would like to welcome our friends from LustBaby and Mech Toys to pop in and check the place out. You can help find the bugs, suggest ideas and help shape where the whole thing is going to go!

This web site is the web counterpart to Rygel & LustBaby's Workshop based in the online virtual world of Second Life, a free multi-user online environment. We make in-world erotic mind control and hypnosis products designed to both enhance your online fantasies and help your mind to bridge the gap between your real life mind and the character you play in the world of Second Life.

If you are new here, you might want to read the Welcome To Our Site posting for more information about what is here and why you should register. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the forum! Any other problems, please contact Rygel Ryba in-world or visit the workshop (SecondLife Game required).

Log In and Manage Your Machine Configurations and Sessions All In One Place - Hit the LustBaby User Area now! (TIP: You can even customize the free sessions for free!)

Check out Mecha Shop! We do a lot of the scripting and object code to make her great outfits and items compatible with LustBaby and Sensations Stuff. (Teleport Now!) (Web Site)

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