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My name is Kabalyero and welcome to my blog, Kabalyero.com. This blog, Kabalyero.com, is about my personal experiences, views, thoughts and opinions in various online games, mmos, virtual worlds, etc. Currently, I am very much into Second Life. It is a Free 3D Virtual World where you can hang-out and meet new friends, explore thousands of unique places, learn new things and even run your own virtual business which if successful can become a source of Real Life income.
In Second Life, the name of my main avatar is Rom Ireton and he was born on May 23, 2007. In fact, I started my virtual business and learned how to build or create items with him. Currently, Rom Ireton is in hiatus.
Kabalyero Kidd is my other avatar and he was born on the same day as Rom Ireton. He became active when a friend gave him land under his name instead of Rom Ireton. From that day forward, Kabalyero Kidd replaced Rom Ireton as my main avatar. He also took over 3 Stars and a Sun and created his own virtual business which he called *KK* Custom Creations.
Melo Chevalier was a lost avatar. He was born on January 8, 2007 but was never used until 2009 to hold extra groups and to advertise in them. He is also used to DEMO new Custom Fishing Rods at 3 Stars and a Sun. I called him a lost avatar because I totally forgot about him. LOL!

Earning Linden Dollars or Making Money In Second Life

This blog, Kabalyero.com, also has and will post or write about ways of Earning Linden Dollars or Making Money In Second Life. It will also contain post or stories about my own personal experiences in running a small virtual business in Second Life.

Other Virtual Worlds, MMOs, MMORPGs, Online Universes, Metaverses, etc.

Kabalyero.com will not only be about Second Life. It may have more content written about Second Life but that’s only because I am currently into it. If you browse back a few years then you will find stories or posts written for various MMORPGs like Khan Online, Voyage Century Online, Rakion Online, etc.etc...

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