Kaeru's Ballad

In this gravestone rest the Kaeru's mortal remains,
wanderer from the cold and northern lands.
He fell in love with her, tied by blind golden chains.
For forty days and forty nights they loved deeply with no wane,
sharing a same soul, following the same lane.
But their love was doomed by the rules of Men, by their limited brain.
The beast from the snow cannot be with a mortal being.
He climbed the high mount and howled cursing the Moon, in deep pain.
And in a last act of devotion, he removed his life, freezer wind flapped his dead mane.
Now a soul swoon in melancholy, wandering through mortal reigns.
Every time he smell the fresh hair of a girl after the bath, every time he glimpse an artist with his paint,
the soul runs for his love, but discover the error, and the sadness remain.
Maybe the Gods will allow him to rebirth?
Maybe their souls will meet some day in mirth?
Or maybe this is only, only a doomed love, stillbirth.

"Sensiz bir hayat dusunemiyorum artik"


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