Theatre of War Poster

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  Mendley Performance Center

Description: we will show the works of a selected number of machinima
   artists. The works will displayed in the theater building of the Mendley
   Performance Center.

Conference: the structure of the conference will be the following:
   1) Welcome and general presentation of the event
   Por every artist:
   1) Brief presentation of the author and the title of the machinima
   1) Time for stream the Machinima work in a cinema like screen
        it will be also provided the external link for watch it outside SL
   2) Short interview to the artist
   3) Questions of the audience
Date: 10th December 2011 8am-1pm

Name: Giannis Piaggio
Machinima title: Theatre Of War
Year of work: 2011
Giannis Piaggio is an alternative machinima artist inspired by the characters and events that take place in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Open Sim. Born January 29, 2008 Giannis took the mutant avatar form after he was chased and banned from human lands due to his different behavior. In search of similar avatars, Piaggio started recording his random teleports ,one of those Theatre of War and UWAmachinima challenge

URL of the machinima:

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